Friday, January 22, 2010

boys...learn some jokes

Lara Stone - the worlds biggest babe- just got engaged to Little Britain's David Walliams! Lucky guy.
There will be lots of broken hearts- including Stella MacCartney who think's Lara is "about as sexy as it gets.”

lara stone cover lara stone pics

Just got home from Lily Allen. Such fluffy pop fun. She sauntered out on stage smoking a cig, freshly chopped hair, in a cute little corset with great tights underneath that looked like thigh high boots but they were just stockings. i so have to track these down. or at least i should have before i splurged on real thigh highs.  Love a good costume change- a few songs in she slipped into an embellished nude kaftan ...meh...and for the encore she burst out in leopard-print body-con for a cover of 'womaniser'. love britters but lils possibly outdid her. wish i got some pics from inside. She's so tiny!


  1. right, he's a lucky guy
    sorry, coud you show where i can find your lookbook?
    nice job

  2. been lusting after those collette dinnigan tights for EVER x