Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BRITS and bones

Im crossing all my bones for Empire of the Sun at the Brit Awards tonight. My boyfriend co-wrote and produced the album so he is going along tonight. I sooo wish i was in London so i could go too, but theres too much exciting stuff keeping me in sydney at the moment (soon to be revealed). The boys are nominated for 2 awards, International Breakthrough Act and International Album- cross your fingers with me!

Here's a photo of Luke on tour with Pnau (Nick from empire and my boy's other band) back in 2008, and another photo from that tour (i'm in the sun costume ha!).


  1. AHH I LOVE EMPIRE OF THE SUN! Probably my favorite band of the moment. PNAU is awesome too, I have a few of their songs. You look great in that sun costume, haha! :)

  2. lol adorable! I LOVE empire of the sun

  3. I remember seeing those costumes at BDO a couple of years ago- they are amazing!!