Sunday, March 28, 2010

little britain...

I'm going to London this afternoon!! Sooooo excited!

Great end to an awesome weekend. Susie and i flew down to melbourne for the grand prix on friday. We were 'backstage?' i guess you would call it with the virgin racing team and we accidently walked into the garage (where they were servicing $60 million dollars cars - how is that even possible right!?), and susie asked "is this the way to the toilet" haha. the engineers all burst out laughing and then made sure we didn't touch ANYTHING on our way out!

By far the most hilarious person we met was Moko- one of the founders of Chrome Hearts. If you don't know the label, its where Karl Lagerfeld buys all his bling. Moko says they never gives Karl a discount! ha. Here's Moko, and below, King Karl wearing chrome hearts necklace and belt


  1. Gahhhh jealous as, would do anything to be getting on a plane for London this afternoon. Hot shot of Christina and Alexa too.

    How funny is Susie with the toilet comment

  2. sounds so fun.
    an enzo is just parked in the garage here.

  3. Great collection of photos. Loving your posts stylestalker!

    Have fun in london! Take me in your suitcase next time?

    from spindizzyfall

  4. your header is amazing!


    elle adore.

  5. yayy so happy you're on your way! can't wait to meet you! xx

  6. gorgeous pictures, love the vibe, kate moss is incredible, no one she has a gold statue.

    Love Mariana the stylestalker model, I've got a post on my blog
    She's divine.

  7. hahaa I can just imagine you two now! hilarious. glad you had fun.

    and I am SO in love with those shots of Christina in front of that flag. she looks so damn gorgeous!

    xxx BEL

  8. Great photos! I just saw Alice in Wonderland. The styling is amazing <3
    Your UK-inspired photo is great! Love the socks and your style!
    Xo Veronica

  9. Awesome blog. Have a lovely time in England. I'll be moving to London in this post put a little smile to my face. :)


  10. I love that photo of Alexa. I really want a union jack print duvet!

  11. Girl, those first 4 photos are HOT!! Love 'em!

  12. I remember that Alice in Wonderland spread! I was blown away by it! At the time I ripped out the Marc Jacobs and hung it on my, upon looking back- I'm feeling the Helmut Lang and the Versace looks as well.

    It's funny how Vogue's fairy tale shoots (Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood..) can be so memorable! We are pre-tuned for that, I suppose, growing up with Disney.

  13. Are you still here, in London??? We should meet. You guys are just a little bit awesome ;)


  14. I hope Karl Lagerfeld will not turn into a pig, :)
    Awesome pics.