Friday, April 9, 2010

loving london

today was such a crazy day. i met up with gala and prince pelayo, two of my all time favourite bloggers. they are even more gorgeous in real life...and hilarious to boot. I then had dinner with the girls from Grazia UK magazine. It's insane that they have even heard of our label over here and wanted to meet with me? going to bed exhausted and thrilled


  1. awesome picture! love that the store and I have my eye on that sick rib cage crop's insane love! xoxo

  2. First of all thank you for your lovely comment
    i looove your blog too
    but i dont know how to follow
    i cant she the little box with the followers you know..
    love it
    xoxo natalia

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Love your collection of photos!

  4. ohhhh fun times Rach! we miss you!


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