Monday, November 8, 2010


So awesome that we share our office with Z - now we have no excuse not to do outfit posts.

I'm wearing- Susie's grey shaggy cardigan from tree of life, stylestalker white singlet, wrangler leather shorts, kurt geiger fleece boots, leather cross necklace from hong kong
Susie- Vintage jacket, stylestalker babyrib singlet, necklace from etsy, pants from japan, sportgirl clogs.


  1. these could easily be in a magazine and then the last one is just like 'aww wow'. I love that shot of you two.

    and to your comment left on mine 'naww, true?'
    you guys are just too cool

    with you two and zanita, how do you contain all the cool vibes in one room? I guess with a personal photographer with you all the time you'd want to dress up for work!

    spin dizzy fall

  2. Only one word can describe these outfits! AMAZING! absolute European, fashion confident and superb styling! that's my girls!

  3. You two are just...dripping with charisma and so so sexy!... with Zanita thrown in to the mix... so cool you can skate on it.. :)

    I love watching (through your blogs) your success and creative growth and the recognition that comes with it all. And weirdly, I get excited for you when I see someone wearing a Stylestalker piece!! Not just because I recognise it but because it's a 'must-have'! [Cripes. This is how your mothers must feel!!]

    I am sure that despite how easy you all make it look, it isn't always the case.

    LOVE the 70s vibe of the pics, not just your outfits... that last pic is sublime!

  4. Awesome style ladies! Love that shearling jacket.

  5. I love your fringe even more!

  6. too perfect! your hair! her shearling! those boots!
    you win.

  7. Both of you and your jackets are gorgeous!

  8. oh my the cardigan is LUSH!

    and thank for stopping by it's always a pleasure to have comments from you!


  9. WOW!! Love your shoes Rachel and Su's Vintage Jacket! Von Fabulous!

  10. Thank you!
    You girls are looking so lovely!
    I just realized you had clothing label too and must say I find everything so stunning!

  11. You guys are such a perfect team! And I love the video with Bambi! That dress is killer! So excited that Zanita is joining you! xxoxoxoxoo

  12. you ladies are both gorgeous and stylish!

  13. i can't stop staring at the grey shaggy cardi.. its perfection.

    can't wait to see all the new stuff!!


  14. AH. thanks for stopping by,
    i wanna shop the last collection from stylestalker- will it be relaunched online- or is it avaliable anywhere else online? im particularily interested in the white blouse you had at your webshop.. it was so divine.
    hope youre having a great week.
    congrats on all your success with the line- you're brilliant. would love to do a cooperation with you ;)


  15. Wow
    you two are awesome, really, you're gorgeous
    and I love what you're wearing
    hope you're having a nice weekend


  16. wow loving the fringe and the sailor pants! fierce style duo :-)

    xoxo Bardot Blue

  17. You both look amazing! Awsome post!

  18. You two are equally gorgeous! Adore your stylestalker pieces!

    All the best xo

  19. love both these looks! that shag cardi is amazing!

  20. Thanks gorgeous girls for commenting my blog - you're both looking absolutely fabulous, so beautiful! Love the etsy necklace, yam! And your new collection is something to die for, especially the snakebite leggings! x


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