Friday, April 13, 2012


images from zanita and sina

couple saturdays ago zanita, sina and i were downing beers at a lawn bowl bar and decided we needed to do something together. a couple hours later this happened. i must say it's pretty awesome having super talented friends.
photos zanita, make up sina velke, styling sue-ann

1. studded t shirt Stylists Own
2.  Dress Sara Phillips, Belt Friend of Mine Cuffs  The Stylists Own
3. Suede Jacket B Store, Bodysuit Stylestalker, Belt Friend of Mine, Cuffs The Stylists Own
4.  Jacket Gstar, Dress Stylestalker, Belt Friend of Mine, Cuffs The Stylists Own
5. Bodysuit  Stella McCartney,  Shirt Stylestalker, Shorts Friend of Mine, Choker The Stylists Own


  1. Amazing shots! Gorgeous bodysuit.
    Love the pops of colour through the hair

  2. AH! I love the neon streaks!!! And the bright nail polish. Great shots and styling! Love the plaid dress and the studded belt.

  3. hair reminds me of Lady Lovely Locks! Love it

  4. fresh series, first two shots are killer x

  5. When are you going to restock the shanghai dress with sleeves? I LOVE that dress, have a big craving for it.

  6. Hi Emma, we won't be restocking the dress but you can contact to find out if there is a shop near you who has it