Friday, December 10, 2010

What's in our bags today?


Pony hair bag- I had custom made in Bali.
Wallet- I bought for $4 in bali cause i thought it was the ugliest thing ive ever seen! its like floral bubble wrap
iphone with rhinestone american flag cover!
trash sunnies
opi nail polish- for when i get bored on the train, i kinda stink everybody out.
a can of tuna- i always carry one around in case i get hungry haha
rings - etsy, forever 21, sportsgirl
paw paw ointment- obviously! is it true you still cant buy this overseas?

Bag - Chanel: amazing i've had it for 4 years now
iPhone - custom tiger print cover care of emmanuel
vintage rings - gift from by best friend from turkey
wallet - country road. reminds me of my mum i've got tacky sticker photos inside
evil eye bracelet - gift from turkey
silver bracelet cuff - topshop
american flag bracelet - gift from rachel
chump change - cause you always need it
rockmelon flavour gum - only in China
obsidian crystal - love a good crystal
paw paw - all purpose


  1. Wow wow wow!! Love your bags ladies!!

    fellow paw paw lover xx

  2. Those bags are
    I think a flight to Australia is in order just to come and steal your bags and all their content.
    thank you for commenting x

  3. HellO! i just made a post abOut my favorite aussie designers- and i put you in it ;)
    hope you're having a wonderful weekend
    LOVE your clothes. and your blog.
    great job!


  4. your pony hair bag and chanel bag is amazballs!

    i've been meaning to get my ass down to bali and get a bunch of shoes custom made, i just might need to add some bags to my list!

    loving what's inside! xx

  5. I always love reading the "What's In My Bag" posts! And your handbags are fierce and lovely!

  6. love in my bags posts, it's funny that most of us have always the same things!

  7. my god...a vintage thats fabulous

  8. Yep you still cant buy it o/s. I had to get my friend to bring some over when she visited me in Canada. Lifesaver!

    P.S I love this blog & your designs xx